MMORPG Event -- RuneScape: Fresh Start Worlds - Live Sept 26


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Live September 26

RuneScape together

Fresh Start Worlds is a special four-month event where everyone starts from scratch on a level playing field! Begin again together in a fresh world that has a new economy and Grand Exchange. Level up fast with XP boosts and gameplay buffs. Earn alternative Skill Capes, rich rewards, and more.

To join players will create a Fresh Start Worlds account and purchase Membership directly or with Bonds. Players can transfer their character, progression, and rewards to the main game at any time*.

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An icon showing a sword with upwards arrows around it


to gameplay

An icon showing gems and a coin


Grand exchange

An icon showing a two handled trophy with a 1 on the front


and HiScores

Fresh rewards
& skill capes

Earn exclusive Fresh Start Worlds Rewards, rare tradable items, Alt Skill Capes, AND MORE

A ghost wolf with a halo above the head

Luma Wolf Pet

Sign up today and get a Legendary wolf pet when you play for the first time.

Three characters facing away wearing capes

Alt Skill Capes

All-new exclusive Fresh Start Worlds Alt Skill Capes.

An adventurer wearing rugged armour

Challenger Armour

Rugged Armour that upgrades as your combat levels rise.

A double-headed lance with gold points

Challenger Lance

A double-headed Lance that upgrades as your combat levels rise.

A blue woman with a halo above her head

Halo of Returning

New rare tradable reward. Complete challenges and milestones to earn.

A blue man with a halo above his head

Challenger Halo

Even rarer tradable reward. Complete challenges and milestones to earn.

A small humanoid carrying a hanging incense burner

Halo Pet skins

All Skilling pets earned are equipped with their very own Halo.

Fresh challenges

& acclaim

  • For first 8-weeks all players can compete for Fresh Start Worlds HiScores and World Firsts
  • Treasure Hunters Keys cannot be used during the first 8-weeks of Fresh Start Worlds.
  • World First Broadcasts throughout the event
A group of challengersA group of challengers

Rediscover RuneScape together

Join Fresh Start Worlds now!

Create account*Please note Fresh Start Worlds characters cannot return to the Fresh Start Worlds event once they are transferred to the main game.