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Join our members' community and you'll gain access to a whole host of exclusive perks and amazing members-only content including 190 extra quests, 11 new skills, 40 awesome minigames and a larger map to explore!

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Premier membership
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Grab a 12 month premier package and become a Premier Member! Gain access to everything RuneScape has to offer with our best value subscription. And unlock all the instant rewards and monthly benefits below!

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Monthly rewards

Premier members receive care packages every month! You won't want to miss out on these!

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Dawnforged armour set

Be seen all the way from Everlight to Tirannwn with this sunny Armour Set and matching Greatsword

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Sol the unicorn pet

A fabulously sparkly unicorn pet to accompany you on your adventures!

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Vault access

Access the Premier Vault, a monthly Distraction & Diversion where you'll grab as much loot as you can!

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Free boss instance

Premier Membership gives an extra weekly Boss instance. Get ready to battle Gielinor's toughest foes!

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100 bank spaces

Need somewhere to store all that sweet members-only loot? Premier has you covered with 100 extra Bank spaces!

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1 month of double keys

Start the new year right with a month of double daily Treasure Hunter Keys!

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Premier artifact

A powerful item that will bestow one of four different buffs every day!

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Extra daily key

Premier members get an extra daily Treasure Hunter Key for every day of their membership!

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VIP world access

Premier members get access to exclusive VIP Worlds, where they can skill up in peace and quiet!

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Premier pass

The Premier Pass unlocks the Premier Track of every Yak Track event. As a Premier member, you'll get it for free

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RuneMetrics pro discount

A neat tool that helps you track your account's stats - and Premier members get a discount!


12 Months

Premier Membership

Plus instant rewards and more!


6 Months



1 Month



*Savings compared to the monthly rolling membership.

*Percentage saving based on the cost of one payment on a 12-month payment plan versus the cost of 12 payments on a rolling 1-month payment plan or two payments on a rolling 6-month payment plan.

A 14-Day Membership can still be acquired with a Bond, earned or purchased.