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12 months of membership

plus all these extras

A treasure chest opening

Monthly rewards

Premier Club members receive care packages every month! You won’t want to miss out on these.

A golden set of armour

Dawnforged armour set

Be seen all the way from Everlight to Tirannwn with this sunny Armour Set and matching Greatsword.

A golden unicorn pet

Sol the unicorn pet

A fabulously sparkly unicorn pet to accompany you on your adventures!

Three lock boxes on a pile of coins

Vault access

Access the Premier Club Vault, a monthly Distraction & Diversion where you’ll grab as much loot as you can!

A large blue monster

Free boss instance

Premier Club members will get an extra weekly Boss instance. Get ready to battle Gielinor’s toughest foes!

An open bank vault

100 bank spaces

Need somewhere to store all that sweet members-only loot? Premier Club has you covered with 100 extra Bank spaces!

A red icon with two gold keys

1 month of double keys

Start the new year right with a month of double daily Treasure Hunter Keys!

A gold symbol on a shield surrounded by blue trim

Premier artifact

A powerful item that will bestow one of four different buffs every day!

A fist holding a golden key

Extra daily key

Premier Club members get an extra daily Treasure Hunter Key for every day of their membership!

A world map with a VIP badge across the bottom

VIP world access

Premier Club members get access to exclusive VIP Worlds, where they can skill up in peace and quiet!

A shield with golden wings in front

Premier pass

The Premier Pass unlocks the Premium Track of every Yak Track event. As a Premier Club member, you’ll get it for free!

Orange electricity moving across a circular red disk

RuneMetrics pro discount

A neat tool that helps you track your account’s stats - and Premier Club members get a discount!

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As a Premier Club member, you won’t just unlock all those cool, exclusive goodies - you’ll also gain access to everything RuneScape has to offer for up to 12 months!

RuneScape membership gets you loads of new skills, hundreds of new quests, and access to all the best content in the game.

RS3 frame

exclusive members-only

content for this year

2021 ushered in loads of awesome members-only content. Grab Premier Club today, and you could go straight to fighting for Gielinor’s future in the Elder God Wars Dungeon, testing your combat skills against the Rex Matriarchs, celebrating 20 years of RuneScape with our anniversary miniquest series, and much, much more!

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